Automatic modal advertising
Automatic modal advertising

Version: 1.0.1 | Licence: Free | Author: fog

This plugin advertise content with an modal window, to get profit or display info to promotions on f...

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Automatic modal advertising



This plugin advertise content with an modal window, to get profit or display info to promotions on front end on a specific page chosen by admin. Subscrive form included, like "indeed" website.

The code to modal window is pure css, so will run more fast.

Admin have 3 modes available to window modal:

1 - Subsribe form. Will open to motivate visitors and users to subscrive the search, on a search page number chosen by admin.

2 - Link to a image banner. No need any code, admin just need add the proper url to a image banner directly on field.

3 - Embedded code. Your HTML code by admin on proper textarea field, to display content on modal window.

What admin have to your own settings:

- Checkboxes to enable for the 3 modes available: 2º and 3º mode cannot be used in same time, so after one checked and submited, the other checkboxe will be disabled automatically.
Admin will choose if will need a image banner (2º mode) or your own embedded code (3º mode).

- Admin can choose the search page number to display the subscrive form.
(your current theme have a subscrive form, so no need any special design, because your theme already have one defined).

- Set a independent time in seconds to appears the window modal after loading page, available to all modes.

- Independent Checkboxe to user logged checkboxe. If user is logged, he not see any window modal for mode chosen (good to get users online, and avoid publicity of window modal to them). When the option is enabled, a message is displayed to incentivate user to login, for not see window modal when he are logged.

- Dropdown menu to choose the preferable page to display modal window, to 2º and 3º mode available:
*Home page, *Profile page, *Publish page, *Edit page, *Ad page, *Search page (Will not interfere with search page number to subscrive form), *Contact page, *404 page, *Dashboard user page, *User items page, *List alerts page.

- Dropdown menu to 2º mode (image banner), if href of image will open in a new separator or on same window separator.

- Dropdown menu to custom css to change design of main window modal.


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